Library Teen Board​​​​​​

The Teen Board is a great way for high school aged students to get involved in the library and their community. It consists of 4 students from each class for a total of 16 Board members.  They meet monthly during the school year to discuss material recommendations for library purchase and to plan events, programs, and projects. The Library Teen Board Advisor is the Children/Young Adult Librarian, Dorothy Leavens. 

Mission Statement:

The Greene Public Library Teen Board was formed in 1973 to give direction and guidance to the Young Adult Services of the Greene Public Library. The Library Teen Board is based on the belief in the value of youth participation. The Library Teen Board has as its primary responsibility a commitment to review materials, programs, policies, and services the library offers or might offer and recommend those materials, programs, policies, and services that best meet the recreational and informational needs of the young adults of Greene.

Library Teen Board Policy