Mission Statement

The mission of the Greene Public Library is to provide and organize an up-to-date collection of books and other printed or recorded materials which will meet the cultural, informational, and recreational needs of the community served.

             To achieve this mission, the library has set the following goals:

             1.  To provide a skilled library director and staff

            2.  To select and maintain a collection of materials which will serve the whole person but not be a depository of physical objects.

            3.  To provide advice and guidance in the use of these materials

            4.  To provide information and research services which will aid in their search for knowledge and learning

            5.  To cooperate with other community groups and agencies in providing stimulating educational and cultural activities

            6.  To plan and present in the library and/or in the community a wide range of programs for all ages which will encourage continuous learning through the use of books and other materials found in the library

 Reviewed and approved October 3, 2019.