Accomplishments of the Friends of the Greene Public Library

Landscaping Project, July 2016

All Landscaping, Levi Kramer of Bristow, was hired by the FOL to redesign the library's landscaping.  Edgers were dug out, power sprayed and reset, old plants were removed, hostas and new plants were reincorporated, some flower beds were seeded, a new wall was built around the electronic sign, edgers were laid around the flag pole and new mulch was hauled in.  FOL paid in full for this very much needed improvement!

River Days Parade, June 2016

FOL purchased candy to be thrown from the Library Teen Board float.

Annual Rummage Sale, May 2016

The community was invited to bring in their unwanted treasures.  FOL worked at setting up and selling items.  All proceeds go toward library improvement projects.

National Library Week, April 2016

Chris Baker volunteered to interview the library staff for a NLW special Greene Recorder feature. 

Joan Becker Book Signing, March 2016

Ms. Becker presented her book, "Sentenced to Life: the Mark Becker Story", to a packed meeting room.  FOL paid her $100 speaking fee.

Dr. Seuss Children's Party, February 2016

FOL provided supplies for the fun children's event.

Quilt Drawing, February 2016

Betty Morgan's family donated one of her quilts to be given away.  Items were donated to the Greene Food Bank and entries were put in a drawing.  June Johnson was the winner.

Coloring Night, January 2016

Marnie Schmidt conducted a coloring class with the FOL purchasing the supplies needed.

Christmas Open House, December 2015

Refreshments provided and served by FOL, musical entertainment by local talent, Photos with Santa by Marnie Schmidt, mini Christmas tree decorating contest and a book signing by Gail Kittleson were on the agenda. Very well attended!

Meeting Room Chair Rail Project, November 2015

FOL funded chair rail that was installed to protect meeting room walls from chipping.

Margaret Smolek Book Signing, November 2015

Mrs. Smolek, Osage, presented "Like a Haystack", her memoirs of being a refugee during World War II.

Halloween Story Hour, October 2015

FOL supplied juice boxes and donut holes for the story hour children.

Bob Nandell Book Signing, September 2015

Mr. Nandell, retired Des Moines Register photographer, presented his series of photographic books depicting rural areas around Greene. 

FOL Annual Book & Media Sale, September 2015

Sold books, magazines, dvds, cds, and puzzles that were donated by the community.  Proceeds were put toward FOL library improvements.

Adult Summer Reading Program, August 2015

Opening and closing days of the program were celebrated with treats, such as a cake baked by Shelby Wihlm, purchased by the Friends

River Days Parade Float, June 2015

The Friends paid for the candy thrown from the Library Teen Board float.

FOL Annual Rummage Sale, May 2015

Items were donated by the community.  Friends set up the sale which lasted 2 days and leftovers were taken to the Good Will truck

Kindle Drawing & Food Bank Drive, April 2015

During National Library Week, patrons were encouraged to donated items for the Greene Food Bank and have the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire.  Friends purchased the Kindle which was won by Melinda Smith

Lego Party, April 2015

In conjunction with the library winning 10,000 legos through a contest sponsored by State Library and Legos Company, a kids' party was planned.  Friends provided food and drink.

Entrance & Meeting Room Painting, March 2015

John Wheeler, Waverly, and his crew stripped wall covering from the entrance and meeting room, subcontracted a dry-waller to spray the walls and then Wheeler's crew painted them.  The Friends paid in full for this project.

Wimpy Kid Party, January 2015

Sandy Ruby and Marnie Schmidt, librarians, planned a Wimpy Kid Party for 3rd through 6th graders.  The Friends paid their expenses which included notebooks and refreshments.

Christmas Open House, December 2014

Hand-made Christmas Ornament Contest, musical entertainment, refreshments provided and served by the Friends, photos with Santa by Marnie Schmidt, and a book signing by Leanne Anderson of Nashua rounded out the activities.  Leanne wrote "The Great "I Am!", a Christmas children's book. Friend of the Library, Susan Needham, furnished books for each of the kids who had their picture taken with Santa.

Halloween Story Hour, October 2014

The Friends provided and served refreshments and take-home prizes for all of the kids.

Else Book Signing, September 2014

Dave and Barb Else presented their book "For All the Small Schools" and talked about their journey in traveling around Iowa to towns with school buildings that have closed.  The Friends hosted the event and provided bakery cookies. 

Used Book & Media Sale, September 2014

An annual event with books, games, puzzles and magazines being sold for a free will offering.  All materials are donated by people in the community.

"Literary Elements" Adult Reading Program, August 2014

Going along with the Children's Summer Reading Program theme, adult participants read books and filled out their own elements chart.  Gift certificates were provided by the Friends.

RAGBRAI XLII Food Booth, July 2014

The Friends Group, library staff and the Goodrich Family (Jacob Goodrich was working on an Eagle Scout project) offered a baked potato bar to the bicyclists.  2000 potatoes were baked along with cheese, onion, and chili. 

FOL Annual Rummage Sale, May 2014

Items were donated for this event by Friends, library staff and our patrons.  The Friends set up many tables of treasures and supervised during the two and a half days of sales.  Left-overs were donated to Goodwill.

Food Bank Drive & Kindle Fire HD Giveaway, April 2014

An annual April activity, promotes the Greene Food Bank and literacy.  Marcus Jepperson was the lucky winner in this year's drawing.

Dan Wardell Returned, April 2014

Dan Wardell, popular children's IPTV host, returned with another energetic program and message.  Healthy snacks (bananas, baby carrots, celery, raisins, clementines and juice boxes) were provided and served by the Friends.

Chair Reupholstery Project, March 2014

Many of the Friends along with Kerri Hinders and her Girl Scout Troup, reupholstered 20 straight back library chairs. The bill of $148.66 for materials was paid by the Friends!

Chocolate Lovers Month, February 2014

Our patrons were encouraged to be creative and submit a homemade Valentine for a contest.  A Cake Pop Class was given by Bonnie Knapp. Both were nice events that promoted the library and the Friends group.

Christmas Open House, December 2013

Musical entertainment, refreshments, a Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest, photos with Santa, and a book signing by Karen Thalacker of Waverly were enjoyed by all.  Ms. Thalacker has written two children's knitting books.  Free books were given to each child whose picture was taken with Santa.

Halloween Story Hour, October 2013

Juice boxes and donut holes purchased from T & M Foods are on the menu again.  Friends of the Library helped with serving and cleaning up.

Used Book & Media Sale, September 2013

A popular event, this sale generated $368.75.

"Groundbreaking Reads" Adult Reading Program, August 2013

64 signed up to read and play an interactive board game with participants planting "vegetables in their gardens".  Prizes were provided by the Friends.

More Digitizing Completed, July 2013

The Greene Recorders were digitized from 2004 through 2012 with the Friends paying the bill of $360.

Dan Wardell's Reading Road Trip, June 2013

The host of IPTV's children's programming appeared at the library to present a program that promoted healthy choices and reading.  The Friends served a lunch of hot dogs, chips, & bars.

FOL Rummage Sale, April 2013

This three day sale always generates many donations of items from the community and is a good fund raiser.

Book Signing "You're Invited" by Debbie Lestina , April 2013

Debbie Lestina Robinson, from Mason City, was invited to give a book signing and presentation.  The Friends provided snacks made from recipes from her cookbook. 

Food Bank Drive & Kindle Fire Give-Away, April 2013

The community is encouraged to donate items to the Food Bank and for every item donated, their name can be put in a drawing for a Kindle Fire which was purchased by the Friends.  The winner was Nolan Reser.

Chocolate Lover's Month, February 2013

A Homemade Valentine Contest was held with the Friends providing prizes.

Christmas Open House, December 2012

Musical entertainment by local talent, photos with Santa by Marnie Schmidt, refreshments provided by the Friends, a Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest and a book signing by Wynette Mills, author of "Nana's Backyard" and the Backyard Explorer" were featured activities.  The children who had their picture taken with Santa received a free book courtesy of the Friends.

Halloween Party @ Story Hour, October 2012

The Friends purchased and served juice boxes and donut holes.  Goodie bags were also provided by the Friends for the kids.

Used Book & Media Sale, September 2012

Gently used books, encyclopedias, movies and games were brought in for this sale.  Many pounds of left-over paper materials were taken after the sale to the Butler County Recycling Center.

"Between the Covers" Adult Reading Program, August 2012

Participants had fun this year reading many books and registering for prizes provided by the Friends.

River Days Frisbees, June 2012

500 Frisbees were ordered with the library logo on them to be thrown at the River Days parade.  Also donated to the library by the Friends was a portable PA system.

Food Bank Drive & Kindle Touch Give-away, April 2012

In celebration of National Library Week, the Greene community was encouraged to bring in articles for the Food Bank and enter their name in a drawing for a Kindle Touch which was purchased by the Friends.  The winner was Tanner Hildebrand.

FOL Rummage Sale, April 2012

More treasures were offered for sale by the Friends. 

Greene Recorder Microfilm is Digitized, March 2012

The Greene Recorder is now digitized from 1887 through 2003!  The Friends paid the entire $2320 needed to complete this project. 

Scott Cawelti Book Signing, March 2012

The author of "Brother's Blood: The True Story of the Mark Family Murders" presented a talk and book signing.

Chocolate Lovers Month, February 2012

Everyone was invited to design a Valentine's Card and submit to the library's Valentine Card Contest.

Christmas Open House, December 2011

Christmas cooking decorating contest, pictures with Santa by Marnie Schmidt, vocal and instrumental guests and refreshments provided by the Friends were offered.  Delores Allan and Bernita St. John Wiebke, sisters from Allison, presented their series of children's books, which they wrote and illustrated.

NEIBORS Beginning, November 2011

Friends of the Library paid the start-up fee of $500 to allow the Greene Public Library patrons to borrow audio books and ebooks on-line for free.

Story Hour Halloween Party, October 2011

Goodie bags, apple juice and donut holes were provided by the Friends.

Book Sale, September 2011

Donations from the community for the book sale included used books, puzzles, games and magazines.  Everything was offered for a free will donation.

Adult Bingo, August 2011

Adults participated in an adult reading program with prizes, furnished by the Friends, awarded from a drawing.

Water Sales at Herb Festival, July 2011

As a fund raiser to support a microfilming project, ice cold water was sold during the festival.

Red Wing Sugar Bowls & Bean Pot Sale & Raffle, June 2011

Small sugar bowls and a large bean pot were ordered by the Friends from the Redwing Company.  The bowls were sold and the bean pot was raffled off and the winner was drawn during River Days.

Plants, Baked Goods & Rummage Sale, April 2011

Treasures belonging to the Friends and local people were offered for sale during Greene's city-wide rummage sale.

"Lost Butler County Towns" Book Signing, April 2011

Linda McCann, author from Shell Rock, presented her books.  Friends of the Library served coffee and rolls.

February Chocolate Lovers Month, February 2011

A poetry contest was sponsored by the Friends. 

Lego Party, January 2011

A children's party with Legos as the theme was planned by Sandy Ruby and Becky Newton. The Friends provided funding for decorations, refreshments and prizes. 

Christmas Open House, December 2010

Featured Photos with Santa by Marnie Schmidt, musical entertainment provided by local talent, Christmas cookie decorating contest and refreshments.

Halloween Story Hour, October 2010

Along with the normal story hour activities the Friends provided a snack and a treat bag for all the participants.

Book Signing with Author Karen Carr and Illustrator Joan Nixt, October 2010

Author Karen Carr and illustrator Joan Nixt were invited to the day's story hour and then were available afterwards to sign copies of their book.

Used Book Sale, September 2010

Books, movies, and music were donated by the community and sold for free-will donations in the Library's meeting room.

Adult Bingo, August 2010

For a summer reading program for adults the Friends purchased gift certificates to Clayton's Bakery for everyone completing a BINGO on their card.

Water and Baked Goods Sale at Herb Fest, July 2010

Friends members manned a table at the Herb Fest selling water and baked goods to attendees.

Supervised Inflatable Rides at Greene River Days, June 2010

The friends took money and provided supervision for the children using the inflatable rides at the local River Days celebration.

Red Wing Pitcher Sale and Raffle, May-June 2010

A batch of small Red Wing Pitchers with the library logo and a leaf pattern were ordered for sale.  A larger size of this pitcher was ordered to be raffled off at the town's River Days celebrations.

Fancy Nancy Tea Party, May 2010

The library staff planned a Fancy Nancy-based tea party for mothers and daughters on Mother's day weekend.  Friends of the Library provided all funding for the day.

Plant, Bake, and Rummage Sale, April 2010

The Friends of the Library took donations of these items to be sold during the town's annual Spring Garage Sale weekend.

Photos with the Easter Bunny, March 2010

The Easter Bunny made an appearance at Story Hour and then stayed for photos by Marnie Schmidt.  Treats were given out to all children attending.

Book Signing with Author Dixie Phillips, March 2010

Author Dixie Phillips of Floyd was invited to the day's story hour and then was available afterwards to sign copies of her many books.

Chocolate Lover's Poetry Contest, February 2010

Poems were submitted by local residents using the words "chocolate - library - love".  Everyone was awarded a sweet treat with the grand prize going to Sarah Hawker.

Christmas Open House, December 2009

Photos with Santa were provided by Marnie Schmidt.  Refreshments and a chance to listen to local musical talent were offered through out the day.  Coloring pages were provided for children to color and return, and a Christmas cookie decorating contest was held.

Halloween Story Hour, October 2009

40 youngsters attended story hour in costume.  Along with the normal story hour activities the Friends provided a snack and a treat bag for all the participants.

Used Book Sale, September 2009

Books were donated by the community and sold for free-will donation in the Library's meeting room.

25th Anniversary Celebration, July 2009

Small Red Wing crocks were sold as a fundraiser along with t-shirts.  Hot dogs, lemonade, and bars were served.  Music was played, and face painting, clowns, and balloons were available for the kids.  A presentation on the history of the building was given in the afternoon, with the auction of a small and large crock, a Friends of the Library t-shirt, and a quilt donated by Tim and Michelle Juhl following. 

River Days Fundraiser, June 2009

Volunteers set up outside of the library for the River Day's parade to sell raffle tickets, water, icies, and Friend's of the Library t-shirts as a fund raiser.

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